Today, when the competition conditions are getting harder, the most effective method used by companies to increase their productivity is outsourcing. Outsourcing is done in many areas such as machinery, equipment, car rental, meal card, cleaning services, etc. With these services, companies reduce their fixed costs, work with expert staff, increase their operational efficiency and minimize the risks they may encounter.

Payroll service can also be outsourced. payroll-related practices employment law in Turkey, income tax, stamp duty liability are associated with the law and the law of protection of personal data. In addition to these laws, many incentives and new applications (eg first employment incentives, Compulsory Pension System- IPS *) must be followed.

For that reason, when the payroll preparation processes are not followed correctly, you may face criminal risks due to the mispreparing of personal files and payrolls, as well as missing the cost advantages with the lack of relevant incentives.

lthough there is no human resources department in small enterprises, the current responsibility is on the managers of the personnel and the financial and administrative affairs unit. However, current practices and legislation make it increasingly difficult to carry out these businesses through these units and may lead to various risks. This will be valid if the business grows. Depending on the growth, the functions of financial and administrative affairs will become more complex.

In this case, the fact that payroll services are carried out by experts will make it easier for all units of the enterprise to conduct their activities properly.

*The advantages you can provide by outsourcing your payroll services are as follows.

Necessary analyzes are made for your business and appropriate applications and systems are installed by experts for the entire payroll process. You won’t deal with missing infrastructure and extra costs.

All transactions of personell files related to your personnel are followed. All Social Security Declarations belonging to your workplace are prepared and you are protected from legal risks that may arise as the legal responsibility lies with the payroll company.

All reports you may need are prepared, ensuring that you are ready about your risks and interests.

After examining your payrolls and determining what needs to be done, you can reduce your costs if there is an interest resulting from your legal rights.

In addition, if you prefer, your employees can see their payrolls, leave, advance payments etc. online. information can be viewed through the software provided. Thus, your workload that may occur is reduced.

Financial and administrative affairs, accounting records originating from payroll transactions are integrated into your existing accounting program.

You get rid of the time and money spent by your staff to calculate payrolls, payroll printing distribution, taxes and S.S.Declarations, and invisible costs.

If you do not have a payroll program you use, you can save on program investment costs.

Preparing payroll takes time. You can take this burden on your staff and avoid the risks of faulty calculations that will arise.

Since the payroll calculation obligation will be in the reponcibility of payroll outsource company, the compensation of the risk that may arise will be the responsibility of the payroll company. You do not deal with issues such as getting sick, leaving or training of your payroll calculating staff.

Since the employees of the payroll outsource company are familiar with the legislation and provide continuous service, your payroll transactions are not interrupted.

It is the responsibility of the payroll outsource company to eliminate errors and risks that may occur in payrolls. In case of risks you may encounter in this regard, you can demand compensation in accordance with the terms of the contract and change your supplier by terminating the contract.

At the end of these processes, your payroll processes are prepared in expert hands. You focus on your core business, which is your field of activity.

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